Sunday, 28 September 2008

one week to go...

...and mostly everything is in place! A few volunteers are still needed:

Setup and Breakdown (Fri/Sat)

Friday volunteers get put up for the night, but that looks mostly covered at this point. Anyone interested in helping out on the night or during the day to setup, get in touch via e-mail or the facebook group. (See right)

Sunday, 14 September 2008

more details honed

Quick update of progress:

The lovely Josh Carr has joined and completed the T in the Barn line-up... Requests for volunteers to staff, and the details of the roles and stuff we would like people to help with will be finalised and going up sometime this week... Mr Dave sir will hopefully also be putting his seal of approval on the proposed electrical setup too... and there are rumours about of traybakes, buns and other baked delights putting in an appearance on the big night too.

Don't forget to get in touch (see right) or check out the Facebook group for more. Even if you're only thinking of coming get in touch as we need to put an estimate on numbers ASAP. And if you know anyone who you know would/should/could be coming, direct them this way. Cheers!

Friday, 5 September 2008

line-up unveiled

Time to announce some of the acts who will hopefully be gracing the Barn with their presence on october 4th! Over the next few days expect more detailed bios on each act, but very quickly, those provisionally confirmed are:

Before Machines
Maguire & I
Montezuma Jack
David McConnell
Jonny Kirk (really!)
The Colonels

There are still at least three others to confirm, but the knowledge was eating me inside - and I don't care if I'm the only one!

Also revealed is the "publicity" (probably the only time in history that publicity can only be seen by those who are actually coming... go figure.) At least it tells a little story to keep you amused.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

line=up locked?

The T in the Barn bill is just about locked... the plan is to confirm it once the artwork is complete! Someone has wondered about the point in creating publicity for an invite-only event. Well, we like pretty graphics.

That said, if you would still like to be involved, get in touch.

Watch this space!

FACEBOOKERS - Don't forget the facebook invite system is already active. At the moment, the first wave of invites are out there. When the acts are confirmed, band members etc will then start sending their own invites, so watch out!

Monday, 1 September 2008

money: free entry, donations wanted

A couple of people have already asked about how money is working, as officially entry is free, but we've mentioned that profits are going to charity. So here's the full thought process (and disclaimer) about money - and therefore, entry.

T in the Barn costs nothing to come to, because this is the different between it being a private party, which it is, and a public event, which it is not.

You can only come to T in the Barn if you are invited - either by the hosts, or through one of the acts performing. It is a mini-festival for friends and peers, NOT for the general public. So if you've stumbled here by accident, apologies. Them there are the rules.

As it is therefore really a party, you would not expect to be charged. However, as it is all about good times, we hope you would enjoy yourself. And if you do, on the night we would ask you to make a small donation in lieu of two separate needs:

1] Event costs. Naturally, though these are minimal they will exist. By covering them together, it honours what the event is all about.

2] Charity: We enjoy life, we should try and help others do the same. Therefore, once costs are covered, all profits are to be split between charity: water and Tearfund respectively. More on these as time goes on.


Therefore, though if invited you are under absolutely no obligation to pay a penny for the honour, we would ask those coming to seriously consider supporting us and these causes. Thanks!

would you like to come and play?

If you're a musician (or performer - mimes need not apply!), and have would be interested in playing in a barn near the end of the M2 motorway on the first saturday in october, gratis and for charidee, get in touch and we'll squeeze you in somewhere!

T in the Barn: Launch

T (and Toast) in the Barn is a one-night only musical gathering, intended to be all about the fun without the fuss... good music, good people, good times.

Entry is free because its a festival for friends, playing for friends. With that in mind (and the size of the location) it\'s a closed event, so sorry if you wanted to bring your granny/weird cousin/guy you fancy from small group... but if you want to bring someone who hasn\'t been invited already, just drop a line and all should be fine, within reason.

There will be a donation bucket to help cover the minimal costs (hire of sound gear, etc.) but all profits will be going straight to charity: water and Tearfund - feel free to bring your jar of pennies!

Hay bales and plastic cups provided. Limited secure parking (i.e. not on the roadside) available. Camping facilities (i.e. garden or field) also available. Strict limit on numbers.

Final lineup still being confirmed... watch this space!